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Yep, a mere 4,718.6 miles away from us in lil’ ol’ Sunbury, UK, Vancouver has got the Polar Bear bug.  Looks like we owe “Nickm007” some thanks, he’s so far had 13 people join as a result of invites he’s sent.

You can see who’s winning in the ‘share the love’ stakes right on the home page, check out the bottom-right, those little hearts and the number after them tell you who’s spreading the most some Polar Bear love.

Others we must thank include:

“johnalexwood” (in East Grinstead, UK) who’s had 28 people join from ‘share the love’ invites he’s sent

“bigbear” (ah, that’s me) with 21

“nickm007” (Vancouver, Canada) of course, with 13

“marclyne” (Winchester, UK) with 6

“Gwazi” (Yateley, UK) with 2

“nikkistgreen” (Isleworth, UK) with 2

“myriamns” (Guildf0rd) also with 2

“gallileo” (Dunfermline, Scotland) with 1

“BrightSpark” (Oldham, UK) with 1

and “campbell8” (Chiswick, UK) with 1
Thanks guys and gals, keep spreading that big ol’ polar bear love around!

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