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On 13 Oct 09, Adam Vaughan wrote this Guardian blog post on alternatives to Freecycle which invites people to send in sites they’ve come across. He had subsequently closed the comments when, last week, he says he was sent details on and so decided to re-open the comments. Then he, himself, added a link to in a new comment.

He’s right about the site being busy – it’s just surpassed its 1000th registered member! Quite a milestone.

But the point is summed up perfectly in a previous comment by TeenzBeanz:

At the end of the day the important thing is to keep stuff from landfill, so however you choose to do it, good for you! Don’t throw it away, give it away!

Letter from Sir David Attenborough

Letter from Sir David Attenborough (click pic to enbiggen)

We recently wrote to Sir David Attenborough -( here’s why) –   to ask is he’d like to support, and we were pleasantly surprised to get a very courteous (and prompt) reply.

He says:

“Your new website service sounds a great idea. I wish you luck with it”

Here’s the letter of reply we received (we’ve masked out some details to protect individuals’ privacy).

However, Sir David is unfortunately unable to support our cause further for the reasons he’s stated in the letter, but it does rather replenish one’s faith when someone so famous and clearly busy takes the time to personally reply. We do sincerely thank you, Sir David, for taking the time to reply and for your kind words.

Apart from the very obvious fact that burying a problem doesn’t eliminate it, it just postpones it until some later time, waste dumped on tips produces methane, a greenhouse gas 23 times more climate-changing than the emission of carbon dioxide from the use of fossil fuels.

I took my Christmas tree to the council site today for mulching, and I couldnt believe how busy the place was with people just chucking stuff out that was perfectly good for someone else, here’s a few examples I saw:

  • shelves
  • a pram
  • a sack barrow
  • some scaffolding
  • a guitar
  • a wheely-bin (ironic)

There should be a way for them to give it to the people that need that stuff, instead of using resources to crush it down and stick it in holes in the ground (what a lovely present for our future generations that will be – don’t need it now? Stick it in a hole in the ground.  How is that any sort of solution? 😦 )

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