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My alertsOne improvement we aimed to make over Freecycle was to allow you to easily manage alerts, there are two types of alerts (click the image for a closer look).

1.  ANYTHING IN YOUR TOWN (you get an email anytime something’s listed in your town) – this is ON by default, but you can flip it on or off any time

2.  KEYWORDS (add any number of keywords – see mine “boat”, “desk”, “table”, “baby” etc, and decide if you want the alert to watch just the title or title and sub-title – I always set for both)

Check it out, and have fun 🙂


Apart from the very obvious fact that burying a problem doesn’t eliminate it, it just postpones it until some later time, waste dumped on tips produces methane, a greenhouse gas 23 times more climate-changing than the emission of carbon dioxide from the use of fossil fuels.

  • Turning off lights when you leave a room will save £10 a year and 23kg of CO2 emissions
  • Every home in the UK will have a smart meter by 2020, allowing real-time monitoring of the amount of electricity being used
  • The average household spends £25 a week on fuel and power and produces six tonnes of carbon dioxide a year – twice as much CO2 as the average car emits in the same time

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