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GoodNewsForPolarBears.org is a FREE, NON-PROFIT website that helps people in LOCAL COMMUNITIES give and get stuff for free; helping us RECYCLE what we don’t need, REDUCE waste and LANDFILL, and CONSERVE raw materials.

PLEASE HELP US spread the word and do good by mentioning us in your publications.   The site is run by volunteers, led by The Big Bear, for no money (although we do allow people to make a donation, that’s entirely optional).

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Arne Naevra supports GoodNewsForPolarBears.org

netSvalbard 172

Not a good sight

I spoke to the Veolia Wildlife Photograher of the year, Arne Naevra, about his iconic series of photographs depicting a polar bear clutching to a shrinking chunk of ice. He’s kindly allowed us permission to publish one of those images here to help convey what GoodNewsForPolarBears.org is all about.
One of the photos from this series took runner up in the 2007 “One Earth” Awards.
I think the image says it all.
Photo courtesy of Arne Naevra, Naturbilder.no
(Sorry, this image is not for re-use in print)

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Check out this letter from Nicholas Hanley at the European Commission Directorate-General Environment in Brussels.

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Polar Bears popping up in these places…

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Aug 27, 2009 – This is Cornwall – Recycling site launched
Aug 25, 2009 – Hampshire Chronicle – Green Website Launched
Aug 21, 2009 – Kilmarnock Standard – Kilmarnock-based recycling website launches
Aug 14, 2009 – Spelthorne.gov.uk Residents News – “Good News for Polar Bears” recycling site
Aug 12, 2009 – Dartford & Swanley Times – Recycling genius the polar bear way
Aug 12, 2009 – Gravesend Reporter 24 – Recycling genius the polar bear way
Aug 11, 2009‎ – Yorkshire Evening Post – New recycling site goes online in Leeds
Aug 9, 2009 – Halesowen News – If you don’t want it – someone else will
Aug 8, 2009‎ – Berrows Journal – If you don’t want it – someone else will
Aug 8, 2009 – ‎Worcester News – If you don’t want it – someone else will
Aug 7, 2009‎ – Bognor Today – Go online to recycle unwanted goods
Aug 7, 2009‎ – Midhurst and Petworth Today – Go online to recycle unwanted goods
Aug 7, 2009‎ – Chichester Today – Go online to recycle unwanted goods
Aug 4, 2009 – Somerset County Gazette – New website to boost recycling
Aug, 2009 – Forest News (Monmouthshire) and Andover News

Forest News

Forest News

Andover News

Andover News

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