Using GoodNewsForPolarBears

GoodNewsForPolarBears is the plce you can GIVE and GET stuff for FREE.

Its simple

  • if you have something you no loger want, but it could be useful to others, list it for free
  • if you’re after something but you don’t want to buy it new, search GNFPB and create an ALERT to get emailed when matching items get listed.

GNFPB puts people that have-but-don’t-want in touch with people that want-but-don’t-have. It works a bit like eBay, except its for free stuff, and there are some subtle differences.  Here’s a run down of the main concepts so you can figure it out…

List an item – anyone can list an item they want to give away, add photos, and say if you are willing to post it or if it must be picked up.  You need to be a member to do this, and if you’re not logged in when you list an item you’ll be invited to join when you’ve created your listing.  You can edit your listing at any time.  Listings are live for (initially) 30 days.  Later we may vary that.

I want it! – See something you want.  Click ‘I want it’, and say a few words why.  The offerer gets to see all those who say they want it, and can choose who gets it.  They can either wait until the items ends (currently 30 days), or they can end it at any time and pick a winner.  You and they can leave feedback for one another, so thereby build your trust and reputation.

Alerts – Set alerts to get emailed when another member offers something you want.  You can use keywords like “Baby” or “Baby clothes” if you like.  Plus there’s also a special alert that tells you whenever any item is offered in your town, so if you’re feeling like an opportunist you can keep a general look-out for any useful stuff near you.

Member profiles – Find out about the people who are offering stuff, and contact them by email.  Fill out your own profile (click My GNFPB) to help others know about you.

Twitter – Each item listing has a twitter button on it so you can tweet it to your friends, or, add your Twitter details on your profile and we’ll auto-tweet when you list stuff.

My GNFPB – Kinda like the eBay equivalent; keep an eye on stuff you’re giving, wanting, or watching.  Also update your profile and see all your feedback.

Report items – GNFPB is for the good of all, so help us to manage it by reporting spam or dodgy items and we’ll take a look at them for you.

Browse categories – Not sure what you’re after? You can set a general alert that emails you when anything is offered in your town, or, just take a browse of all categories to see what’s on offer.

Ask a question – Ask a question about any item, by clicking the link on the item page.  We’ll email the member with your questions and they’ll get right back to you.

What are those little ‘hearts’ – When you invite your friends (share the love) we’ll give you ‘hearts’ each time one of your friends joins.  We show the top members on the Top Members section on the home page, and you can see exactly where you feature when you click the ‘more…’ link at the foot of that section – or just click here to see Top Members (ordered by: most hearts, then date joined).

SPREAD THE WORD – GNFPB is free to everyone, there are no fees and we don’t carry ads, so please help us spread the good word by telling others. The more people that recycle at GNFPB the more great stuff we’ll all find, the more money we’ll save, and the more we’ll help fight landfill and climate change.

Here’s a few ways you can help us:

Help support GNFPB – Yes, it costs us to develop, test and run the site, and you can contribute directly by tipping us.  If you’d like to tip us, you can click here – Tip GNFPB

Your ideas – We’re a site for everyone, and we’re open to ideas.  You can email us with your ideas and wishes on this address – BigBear[AT] – we read every one and we always respond personally.