We wanted to do something practical about the number of things we throw away, when they could be re-used by others.  Whilst we’re throwing stuff away, others in our neighborhoods are out there buying new stuff. Visit any domestic tip on any weekend and just take a moment to see the wastage.

When our parents no longer needed something they’d pass it on to relatives or neighbours – but somewhere along the line our generation just got used to just dumping it.

When our parents needed something they’d often find a neighbour or friend had the thing, no longer needed it, and was happy to pass it on – but somewhere along the line we just got used to going out and buying a new one.

Since the 80’s the real cost of consumer goods has fallen as manufacturing has improved, and we’ve become flippant and wasetful.  However, there is emerging a new collectively awareness in later generations of how this attitude is affecting our world, and we want to make a change.  We’re re-evaluating our thinking and using technology to do good, make a stand, and make a difference.

GoodNewsForPolarBears.org is good because it

– Lets us find a grateful home for the stuff we no longer want or need

– Lets people that want or need stuff get it for free

– Reduces landfill by recycling our unwanted stuff

– Reduces the consumption of raw materials by reducing the demand for new produced products

and, in the words of at least one preeminent naturalist that can only be Good News For Polar Bears”