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My alertsOne improvement we aimed to make over Freecycle was to allow you to easily manage alerts, there are two types of alerts (click the image for a closer look).

1.  ANYTHING IN YOUR TOWN (you get an email anytime something’s listed in your town) – this is ON by default, but you can flip it on or off any time

2.  KEYWORDS (add any number of keywords – see mine “boat”, “desk”, “table”, “baby” etc, and decide if you want the alert to watch just the title or title and sub-title – I always set for both)

Check it out, and have fun 🙂


Freelance journalist, Kara Simsek, who is “the nicest girl you’ve ever met” acording to her Twitter bio, is currently working on a project called nomoneynovember as per her tweet:

new venture – – send me free stuff – I have no money and this is a serious journalistic endeavour!

It looks like she’s a fan of because she recently blogged about the site:, is an ingenious free local recycling website that combines the best features of Freecycle and eBay. It lets people recycle things they no longer need by simply giving them to other people that DO need them.

I don’t need anything, but I do have a TV I don’t need – I’ll list it up and tell you how I get on!

Could this be the item she’s referring to?

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