It’s been a while since I last blogged, reason being we’ve been working on a few little updates to make things just a little better for y’all.

We should be going live later today, and I can’t resist telling you about the changes ahead of time.  (Hopefully) as of later today you’ll get the following improvements:

  • ‘search engine friendly’ URLs (that’s page addresses for those that don’t know) – the point of this is to help pages get found on Google so you get more chance of recycling stuff you list
  • a pretty little ‘invite friends’ feature – this lets you spread the love far and wide, by importing email addresses of your friends from AOLmail, Gmail, and Hotmail (also soon YahooMail), AND awarding you ‘hearts’ when your friends join the community.  You can earn bronze, silver, gold, platinum, and double platinum hearts; and we’ll show the top 10 members on the home page with a link to see more, so you should be able to find yourself in that list
  • we fixed a bug that prevented the site ‘remembering you’ when you return – this was a pain because you had to sign in every time, yawn, but that should be fixed with this new version, hooray
  • we made it simpler for new members to join when they see something and ‘want it’ – by linking them cleanly to the joining page
  • improved the ‘pick a winner’ process – we made a bunch of changes here to make it less confusing when someone ways they want an item you’ve listed.  The first thing is to ping the contact details of you both to one another (previously it was a bit one-sided).  The second thing we’ve done is to improve the layout of the ‘pick a winner’ page so its easier to see the wanters’ details so you can make contact. Finally we added a simple pop-up information box so when you ‘select or change winner’ you get some positive feedback that everything worked ok (previously you got returned to your ‘profile’ page and it wasn’t immediately obvious that anything had happened.
  • We tidied up a whole load of pages – home page, item page, search results, activity all benefit from some text and layout changes to make things a little clearer
  • Plus we fixed a few misc bugs we’d noticed

That’s about it for now folks, give that new ‘spread the love’ feature a spin and let me know how you get along.