So, has been public for a little over one week, and it’s amazing what a great response we’ve had.  Over 200 members as of last night, from all over the UK. And 66 items listed which people are GIVING AWAY to good homes including the following:

maclaren techno double buggy Haslemere,Surrey,UK
double bed and bedding, wicker chairs, settee etc Grantham,Midlands,UK
2 seater sofa Liss,Hampshire,UK
Desktop Pentium 4 PC (no hard discs, spares, or DIYer) Staines,Surrey,UK
Moderm Ikea standard lamp Staines,Surrey,UK
PIANO Raymond & Co of London surrey,worcester park,UK
Floppy disk cleaning kit Yateley,Hampshire,UK
CD/DVD protective travel case Yateley,Hampshire,UK
Telephone piggy bank Yateley,Hampshire,UK
Canon 32MB SD Flash card Yateley,Hampshire,UK

We’ve had some great celebrity support, including these here:

Kind words from The Earth Organization

Well, one can only ask 🙂

This says it all…

We certainly feel blessed to have had such a great reception.

What do people like about

Well, if I had to hazzard a guess it’s the idea that they can somehow help someone else while de-cluttering their own life, whilst simultaneously helping the environment by NOT adding to landfill.

What else has happened this week

I’ve been asked how differs from, after all, was one of our inspirations, and if you’re interested to read my answers you can read them here:

The difference between Freecycle and GoodNewsForPolarBears

Why is it so complicated to list items on

Newspapers and websites that have written about us

I’ve spoken to one or two journalists who’ve expressed an interest in what we’re doing, and a few have written about the community, here are a few you can check out:

Yorkshire Evening Post – New recycling site goes online in Leeds

Worcester News – If you don’t want it, someone else will

Chichester Observer – Go online to recycle unwanted goods

Somerset County Gazette – New website to boost recycling

(Who do YOU know who could help us spread the word? If so, please drop them a line and we’ll be very happy to talk to them)

And finally…

How can we spread the word abroad?

We built to be not limited by region; this means it doesn’t actually matter whether you are in Addis Ababa, London, Zaborozha, or anywhere; who do you know in other countries who could start to spread the word?

double bed and bedding, wicker chairs, settee etc