The Earth Organization

We’ve put a lot of effort into creating, so it’s enormously encouraging for us when someone from such an esteemed organization as The Earth Organization offers kind words like this:

“I just checked out, it is brilliant. I think that is an incredibly good idea. Well done for a very smart conservation effort.”
Yvette Taylor, Executive Director International, The Earth Organization

A bit more about The Earth Organization…

The stated purpose of The Earth Organization is:

1. To create a fundamental change in mankind’s awareness of, and relationship to, his environment and the plant and animal kingdoms, by example and education, thereby reversing the downward spiral of life on Earth.
2. To bridge the gap between mankind, industry, commerce and the environment through applicable environmentalism, workable tools, accurate data and a business and scientific approach to the field of the environment.
3. To raise ethical standards within the conservation movement.

Find out more about The Earth Organization here on Wikipedia or on their website here