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We’ve ironed out just about all of the bugs in the site now, and we’re starting to talk to a few local newspapers to get some publicity, but maybe you can help us.  If you’re concerned about the environment, and you want to join our volunteer army (GNFPB is totally free, non-profit, and voluntary) you can help us spread the word in your town.

We’ve created a simple flyer you can print, modify yourself if you like, and use.

Maybe you’ll hand them out to friends, maybe you’ll hand them to shoppers, maybe you’ll put them on your own counter, maybe you’ll convince your local Starbucks or Costa to have them on the counter?  Go mad, see what you can do.

You can download the flyer as an image (click on the image above), and if you’d like a version in MS Word you can edit email me BigBear[at]
Thanks for spreading the word 🙂

FREE childs' slide

FREE childs' slide

This is exactly the reason we set up, stuff like this gets dumped everyday, and you can bet there’s some family somewhere within a mile that would LOVE this for their garden!!!

Use, and tell others about it to stop this happening. Please.

Seen something like this? SEND ME YOUR PHOTOS and I will publish them – BigBear[at]

netSvalbard 172

Not a good sight

I just spoke to the Veolia Wildlife Photograher of the year, Arne Naevra, about his iconic series of photographs depicting a polar bear clutching to a shrinking chunk of ice.  He’s kindly allowed us permission to publish one of those images here to help convey what is all about.  One of the photos from this series took runner up in the 2007 “One Earth” Awards.

I think the image says it all.

Photo courtesy of Arne Naevra,

Rack mount cabinet

Rack mount cabinet

Under-desk cabinet

Under-desk cabinet

Photocopier? Laser printer?

Photocopier? Laser printer?

Since I started GNFPB I’ve started to take more notice of skips and dumpsters, noticing some of the stuff that gets dumped when I am sure there are others out there that could make use of it, if only they knew.

Here are some shots I took today… That looks like an small office cabinet, an old photocopier, and a rack mount system with a twin tape deck and four amplifiers or mixers of some sort.

OK, so maybe it’s all broken, but to me it just looks like a clearout.  And even if some of that stuff is broken, I BET there are some keen project/DIYers out there that could have used that stuff, instead it looks like it’s just going to end up in a hole in the ground 😦

Spread the word about, tell 5 people now, and let’s start to make a small difference.

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