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Hooray, we just made www.GoodNewsFor live after a few months of late nights and weekends.  My huge thanks to our brilliant developers, you know who you are.

The site is in ALPHA, which means we’re still finding one or two bugs and cleaning up a few things, but it’s live now and can be used.  We’re not telling anyone publicly about it yet, so if you stumbled onto this page you’re one of the few that know about it.  Welcome.

In a nutshell, GNFPB is about helping people to give stuff they no longer want or need to others who do want or need it.  No fees, no charges, all for free.  And thereby reducing the amount of stuff we throw away, and the amount of new stuff we consume.  Its a small step, to help combat climate change and landfill, but one that we think is worth taking.  We hope you think so too.

Find out more by taking a look around the main site – (or just for short), tell a few friends, and give it a go.


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